Endorsement by Roberta d'Eustachio (Chief of Staff, Ambassador for Philanthropy (Great Britain); Editor in Chief of Giving Magazine) 

"How many charity scandals does the public have to endure before we understand how to tell a good charity from a bad one before we send our check? Without an oversight bureau with teeth to hold charities accountable, what’s a donor to do?

Doug White, one of America’s foremost commentators on philanthropy today, has written a book that no donor—no matter the level of generosity—can afford to miss.

"Charity on Trial" could not be more relevant or timely. If Mr. White has his way, after prosecuting his case we will all become healthy skeptics in discerning a charity’s worthiness. A tough-love proponent, his motto might be, “Trust, surely, but verify before you give.” His roadmap on how donors can best probe a charity comes complete with historical and nuanced context. Charities have a roadmap too, with example after example of charity’s fall from—and return to—grace and a renewed transparency.

Most of all, a good book means a good read, and Charity on Trial delivers. While we get no pleasure from knowing that a charity has lost millions because someone at the charity (the leader, in most cases) has dished out swindles and lies to the board of trustees and the public, we do delight when the crook gets caught

Doug White beckons us simultaneously to raise both our level of skepticism in charities as well as our belief in them."

Roberta d'Eustachio 
Founder and Editor in Chief of Giving Magazine 
Serving philanthropists worldwide